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“Project Deepti”
KCWFNA Educational Endowment Scheme

Project Deepti (Ray of Hope) is a KCWFNA Educational Scholarship Scheme to provide financial support for the education of Knanaya women admitted to professional courses. Education of women is the optimal way of empowering women. KCWFNA is the women's wing of KCCNA.
The amount endowed to the scholars, need not be paid back if the scholar finishes the professional course. To be eligible for this scholarship, the girls must be admitted to a professional program, must meet the financialincome criteria as described below, must be a member of a Knanaya parish, and be recommended by a Knanaya parish Vicar OR an executive member of Knanaya Catholic Congress. Applications will be approved by the KCWFNA executives.
This scheme will be initiated (the principal will be deposited) the year of 20162017 from the profit generated from the raffle ticket sale done by KCWFNA executives and board members of the term 20152016.
The initial Scholarship will be provided using the interest generated in the year of 2017.

Most eligible Scholars must meet the following criteria:
1. Admission to professional program after Plus 2 only in general merit (not capitation merit).
2. Professional courses can be Engineering, Nursing, Medicine, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Microbiology, Physical Therapy, Law, M Phil, Computer applications,
    Business Administration, Accounting or other equivalent courses.
3. Family income must be less than Rs 20,000 per month or Rs 2.5 lakhs per year.
4. Must be of Knanaya Origin.
5. Recommendation letter by a Knanaya parish Vicar OR an Executive committee member of Knanaya Catholic Congress.
6. Children of Widows or Handicapped girls will get special consideration for the scholarship.
7. Must provide proof of completion of the program once the course is done otherwise the scholar will be liable to pay back the money to KCWFNA.
8. Proof of annual household income must be provided from the Panchayat office.

Each year, female scholars in the community will be selected and provided a scholarship from the interest generated. The interest will be equally divided among the scholars. The same student can apply for a maximum of 3 times for this scholarship. The trustees of this Scheme shall be the contemporaneous KCWFNA Executives. The current and upcoming Presidents and General Secretaries of KCWFNA shall be permanent committee members of the Project Deepti Committee.
Upcoming KCWFNA executives can add to the principal amount as years go by to increase the principal amount (thus increasing the interest rate) and or the number of girls that are being helped.
In any case if this scheme is discontinued, the principal amount must only be donated for a non profit organization that provides education for the women in the Knanaya Community and be used for educational purpose only. KCCNA officers must be updated on any deposits and any withdrawals of this account.

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Please Provide the following in addition to this application form:
Proof of Admission
Report Card/ Mark list
Recommendation letter from Parish Vicar
Proof of Completion once the course is completed.
Proof of annual household income from Panchayat.



                                                                                                                                                     Educational Scholarship Recipients for the Term 2015-2016                                             

Dear community members,

KCWFNA is pleased to announce the Project Deepti Educational Scholarship recipients for the term 2015-2016. Project Deepti is an Eductional Endowment Scheme initiated by KCWFNA to provide educational Scholarship to Knanaya Women who are admitted to Professional courses after Plus II. $20,000 will be deposited in an Indian Bank for the principal of Project Deepti. $ 5000 will be distributed as Scholarship this year.

We would like to express our gratitude to all community members who participated in this fundraising from all different KCWF units. Sponsors for this project were Mr Tomy Myalkarapuram, Tampa, Mr Domy Tharayil, Minnesotta and ERMI Flexinator Inc, Chicago. First Prize was sponsored by Mr Chackochen Kizhakkekuttu, Chicago.

From a very large pool of applicants these girls were selected on basis of merit and income status:


1. Stania Sunny -St Thomas Forane Church Perikkalloor, Wayanadu
2. Anumol James - St Antony's Knanaya Church, Marika
3. Neena Jordy -St Thomas Knanaya Church, Kallara
4. Sainumol Mathew -Holy Kings Knanaya Church, Piravom
5. Dona Thomas -St Joseph's Knanaya Church, Manakkad
6. Jini Johny - Holy Kings Knanaya Catholic Church, Piravom
7. Beena Thomas -St Thomas Knanaya Catholic church, Perikkalloor, Wayanad
8. Anumol Joseph -St Antony's Knanaya church, Marika
9. Fibina Thomas -Martha Mariam Knanaya Church, Mangalagiri, Palakad
10. Neethu Stephen - St Joseph's Knanaya Church, Thellithodu
11. Merin Jackson -St Francis Xaviers Knanaya Church, Kannankara
12. Ansu Tomy -Our Lady of Hope Knanaya Church, Chuliyodu, Nilambur
13. Denija Kuriakose - St Francis Assissi Knanaya Church Thiroor, Kannur
14. Delma P Wilson - St Stephen's Knanaya Church Thettamala, Wayanad

Thank you,

KCWFNA Executive Committee