Dear Knanaya Community Members of North America!

Warm greetings of the Holiday Season! As we are getting close to celebrating the birth of our savior and are ready to welcome the New Year 2016, let us give thanks to Jesus for all the blessings he has showered upon us! It has been a pleasure serving our community and it has been a year since we took charge as the KCWFNA executive team. We have made great progress with our projects so far. Here is a summary of our work for the year 2015.

Underage drinking awareness campaign

We have printed and distributed Underage drinking awareness brochure to all KCWF units. A power-point presentation also has been shared for the KCWF units to facilitate the seminar. Chicago KCWF has done a seminar on this topic for the parents. Dr. Agimol Puthenpurackal was the speaker. Various units are planning to do similar seminars on this topic for the parents and the youth. Special thanks to Mrs. Sheeba Mutholam (Vice President Chicago KCWF) for developing the brochure on this topic.

Knanaya History Documentary

KCWFNA is producing a Knanaya history documentary to high-light the contributions of our community to Kerala and to the rest of the world focusing on the youth. KCWFNA believes that the youth needs to be educated on the positive sides of our community to motivate them to uphold our traditions in the future. The video shooting has already started and different KCWF Units will be participating in the making of this documentary.

Project Deepti

Project Deepti is a KCWFNA Educational Scholarship Scheme for Knanaya women who are admitted to professional courses after Plus 2 in general merit. The fund will be raised from the Raffle Ticket Sale that is done by the KCWFNA executives, National Council members and Unit board members. The Raffle drawing will be on August 6th Saturday at the KCCNA Convention at Houston. We are extremely grateful to our two sponsors for the prices Mr & Mrs Chackochen and Shiji Kizhakkekuttu (Chicago) and Mr & Mrs Tomy and Shirley Nellamattom (Chicago).

KCWFNA Constitution Amendment

We are very excited to let you all know that the KCWFNA constitution has been amended and the NC members have unanimously voted for electronic voting method for electing the new KCWFNA executive team. All KCWF units must elect their local executives before 12/31st next year.

2016 KCCNA Convention activities

KCWFNA is planning exciting entertainment programs for WF members for the 2016 KCCNA convention. Hope to see you all there!!

KCWFNA Executive Team (2015-2016)